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August 8

Helping My Friends Out With Matrix Tech – 0 – Site in No Time Flat – Almost

My friends are doing a work to get awareness of Covid 19 treatments, challenging some of the opinions being promoted by News Anchors who are not medical professionals and wanting to bring peace and awareness to our community.  I like it!  I am all in!  And even though this is..Read More
August 4

After a long absence… Got just enough motivation to get back to this instead of binging on RV YouTube Videos

web developer
I have been working – but not on this. Got distracted. Ate a BUNCH of donuts (super yummy) and cookies (still eating them).  Anyway, got just enough inspiration to get back to my pc instead of watching YouTube Videos.  Its not like I have been lazy – have been working,..Read More
July 16

Fixing My Facebook Posts – 1 am

Social Media Marketing
Its late but I need to do just one more thing on my company. I found an alert about a problem with my Facebook Post – so I am using my Business Dashboard to isolate the error and fix it.  Facebook can be difficult sometimes – it does not save..Read More
July 15

Getting my Google My Business Account Linked to my site

How to make a website
Finally getting some momentum.  Got my Facebook account connected earlier – now getting my Google My Business account connected.  Google My business is similar to your Business Facebook page in that it is free and it is a tool every business should use to get free exposure and visibility.  And..Read More
July 14

Inspiration for New Home Page for MBA Site

Inspiration for New Home Page for MBA Site
Inspired by Story Brand’s approach. After watching this video, I decided to follow Donald Miller’s approach.  A few hours later, I have roughed out the new page with images from Envato.  Sent this to my developer – excited to see the finished result!  He makes the case to simplify page,..Read More
July 11

Ok – Time to stop avoiding and deal with this now

Ok – Time to stop avoiding and deal with this now
Good week – made sales calls consistently. Enjoying talking with prospects. And I need to deal with the fact that I am not promoting my own digital presence. I have avoided doing this and have been allowing myself to think it will take too much time!  I am going to..Read More
July 4

Created Sales Person Process

Finally took the time to sketch out the process for the sales team to follow.  Got it out of my head onto a system framework!
July 4

Need to change home page of MBA site

content marketing to attract customers from social media Facebook and Instagram
Next up – change site content!
July 3

Relaunching the Matrix!

Relaunching the Matrix! So Excited!
July 2

Relaunching the Matrix

Relaunching The Matrix. So exciting!
July 2

Re-Booting The Matrix

find customers on facebook raj doraisamy
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