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Potentially Synergistical Organizations

Cinnamon Network: Strategically helps local churches transform the communities

We help churches respond to the most pressing needs in their community by providing a menu of best-practice Cinnamon Recognised Projects that can easily be replicated. Alongside the projects we offer advice, funding, support and leadership training. We recognise that we all achieve more when we work in partnership and so, through initiatives like our Civic Prayer Events and Faith Action Audits, we help churches build strong civic partnerships and demonstrate the great work they are doing within their communities.

With help from our Advisors, local church activists can select Cinnamon Recognised Projects, apply for Cinnamon Micro-Grants, while attending our Cinnamon Leadership Training, in order to make a sustainable impact on their community.

The Cinnamon Project Incubator takes innovative, new social action projects and helps them grow to a point where they can be replicated many times over.

Cinnamon Research feeds into the project incubation process. Local communities can also get together for a Civic Prayer Breakfast, which creates an unprecedented opportunity for church leaders to work in partnership with other civic leaders to bring about lasting change in their local area.

Analytics, qualitative and data.

See their projects here

Meet The Need: Solutions and Software to grow and increase impact of your church and charity at no charge

Solves root cause for why 93% of Americas churches are not growing


The modern American church model doesn’t align with the most fundamental principle of successful organizations – nor Biblical mandates. There is a flawed assumption underlying nearly every decision churches make today and it’s the root cause for the Church’s decline – in growth, impact and perception.

Strategic planning for Church Leadership, Online Assessments, Consulting

Volunteer Management:

Mobilize and connect volonteers, local partners, with their software.

Event Management:

Manage community events with their software

Case Management:

Manage information about church families  and what they need

Resource Management:

Map your resources to needs

Online mobilization for a cause.

Love Our Cities: Helping your run city wide volunteer days - Pull Churches together Vs, Push initiatives

Love Our Cities began out of the success of Love Modesto. Love Modesto started in 2007 at Big Valley Grace Community Church with two questions:

1) Why is our city on lists of the “worst cities in America”?
2) If our churches were to suddenly disappear from the Modesto area, would anyone even care or notice?

We did not know the answers to these questions, but we knew we were called to love Modesto as Jesus would.

With a lot of dreaming and planning came our first Love Modesto on March 7, 2009. We were hoping for 100 people and more than 1,200 people showed up to love our city in practical ways. We’ve done this 13 more times since then and have helped more than 60 cities. Over 136,000 people have been involved … young, old, abled, disabled; people from a church or no church at all. Around 476,000 volunteer hours have been donated – this is over $13.8 million dollars in service ( that we’ve given to our communities!


Working “With” vs. “For” the City

We are not just one church or multiple churches getting involved (the church doing this “FOR” the city).

We work hand in hand with government (city, county, and state), education, neighborhoods, media, businesses, non-profits, other faiths and non-faith organizations to make this a community-wide effort (the church doing this “WITH” the city).

We have found by focusing on doing things “WITH” the city, it has opened up new relationships with key people and departments that we never had had access to previously and provided us with amazing evangelism and discipleship opportunities.


Using a “Pull” vs. “Push” Strategy

Instead of trying to “Push” new initiatives through multiple churches, we’ve found that by establishing initiatives directly with the city and inviting all local churches to participate, it is much easier to “Pull” churches together and join.

Even if one church is acting as a main “sponsor” of the event, a community wide initiative lowers the barriers churches sometimes have in collaborating with each other. Along the way, churches start to build trust, opening the door for more collaboration and finding new ways for the larger church community, not just one congregation, to love their city.


Volunteer Days Set the Stage

Each city that we partner with has its own set of challenges unique to it. In some places, Human Trafficking is a major problem, in other places, homelessness seems out of control.

What we’ve discovered is that no matter what your local issues are, starting with a city-wide volunteer day is an invaluable resource that will help your initiatives thrive.

Why? Because a city-wide volunteer day acts as a catalyst and convener. It is a catalyst because it is an event that generates a lot of momentum and “buzz” around town. Everyone sees the signs and billboards. People talk about it at church and at work. It provides your city with a great energy to build from.

It’s a convener because it starts to break down silos that are all too common in cities (or amongst churches). A volunteer day brings people together, creates dialogue, helps create a place for people to connect and realize there are others like them in their city that want to city their city improve.

While there are a lot of great initiatives we see going on in our partner cities, our leaders will tell you to start with a volunteer day, it will make every initiative you do afterwards a lot easier and more powerful.

They model “Serve Our City”

10 days of prayer: 10 days of prayer at every church for revival, conversions, passion, evangelism, relationships

Resources to have 10 days of prayer at your church


We encourage you and your church to ask God in prayer how you can reach out to others after the Ten Days of Prayer. Choose one or several activities, choose a day, and be the hands and feet of Jesus. As you work to organize everything, avoid letting these arrangements distract you from praying. “Personal effort for others should be preceded by much secret prayer; for it requires great wisdom to understand the science of saving souls. Before communicating with men, commune with Christ. At the throne of heavenly grace obtain a preparation for ministering to the people” (Prayer, p. 313)

We have prepared a list of ways you can help others. Choose whatever fits the needs of the people you are going to serve. Feel free to do something that it is not listed.

  • Cook a meal for someone who has been sick.
  • Invite a neighbor/co-worker to a social gathering.
  • Give food to a homeless person.
  • Donate clothing that you would want donated to you.
  • “Adopt” an elderly person. Visit the person on a regular basis and help with chores, shopping, cooking, or garden work.
  • Bake some bread and share a loaf with a neighbor.
  • Help with neighborhood projects.
  • Offer to stay with a sick or disabled person so their caretakers can run an errand.
  • Participate in neighborhood projects.
  • Introduce yourself to a new neighbor by taking them a meal. Make them feel welcome in the neighborhood.
  • Buy groceries and deliver them to a needy family.
  • Donate your old eyeglasses.
  • Offer to give a Bible study.
  • Visit people in nursing homes.
  • Give some “food” money to a student.
  • Collect clothing for the needy. You might start a clothes closet at your church for sharing with those in need.
  • Donate your old laptop or other electronics.
  • Donate a used car.
  • Organize a “Health Expo.”
  • Send a card to a shut-in.
  • Organize an evangelistic series.
  • Call your neighbors and ask how they’re doing.
  • Give someone a book you think they’d like.
  • Pass out GLOW tracts (available to order here:
  • Invite someone to accept Jesus.
  • Hold a cooking school.
  • Do the “28 Literature Project.” In Week One, give away one book. Week Two, give away two books. Week Three, give away three books. Continue until you have given away 28 books.
  • Take some food to someone who has lost a loved one.
  • Visit someone in the hospital to encourage them or help them in some way.
  • Read to an elderly person.
  • Visit a children’s home and offer your help to the staff.
  • Start a sewing/knitting/crocheting group to make clothes for those in need.
  • Read the Bible aloud for someone who can’t see or read.
  • Host a youth night at your home.
  • Volunteer at a shelter for abused persons.
  • Donate some books to a children’s home or shelter.
  • Take children from your church to visit a home for elderly people. Present a program for them.
  • Plan and host a fun day for special needs kids and their families.
  • Have a community clean-up day.
  • Start a health club in your church. Invite friends and neighbors.
  • Ask someone if they would like to join you in watching a DVD with a spiritual message. As you watch together, pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to the person’s heart.
  • Design your own project.

For more resources on witnessing, visit

Materials in multiple languages

Gloo: Analytics for Personal Growth. Big Data


Champions—those on the frontlines of personal growth: the helpers, the inspirers, and the motivators who work tirelessly to strengthen their people and communities.


A network of individuals and organizations obsessed with revolutionizing personal growth. We think about it 24/7.


The world’s first predictive analytics platform built for personal growth.

We’ll show you how you can know your people and community
—so you can make key decisions with confidence!

Acquire user behavior and proactively target consumers with content to direct them to helpful resources that match calculated needs of those consumers.

Strategy (Partial)

map test

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