Election Integrity Segments

We believe that by combining the brilliant expertise of leaders and volunteers into a unified force, we can implement the required operational changes in the corrupt election practices in key states.  If we are willing to focus on establishing a coalition of experts, we will prevail.

Election Integrity has several sub-segments.  Find your segment and complete the necessary assignments to upgrade your methods and strategy.

What is it?
Analyze county and state data, identify inaccuracies, and advocate for clean-up. Work with state officials to have your state exit  the ERIC  system.
Useful links

**Dan Albert [See FreedomCells.com for a free PDF of 36 page abridged version of The Albert Plan to Restore Election Integrity](http://freedomcells.com/)**

**Votify Now App**download **[votifynow.org](http://votifynow.org/)** and go to **[precinct strategy.com](http://precinctstrategy.com/)**

**[Alameda County Ranked Choice Voting fiasco highlights that people might want to check out](https://rumble.com/v28ygam-alameda-county-ranked-choice-voting-fiasco-highlights.html)**

**Cause of America** – info@causeofamerica.org**NCOAA Data project[We have compared over half of the states so far. If anyone wants to reach out, we can compare your voter rolls with the NCOA Data. Here is the link:](https://causeofamerica.org/Post/national-change-of-address-ncoa-request-form)**


**America Project[This is a simple methodology to conduct a voter confidence survey at the county level, to gather data that can be used for election reform advocacy with state legislators and election officials:](https://americaprojectcom-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/tim_americaproject_com/Ebs5kfkmUUNAoW-DDqIRx5ABXzyTW0JpXYc2IVRGfh65mA?e=Q90NT3)**

tim@americaproject.com**[National Conference for Election Reform](https://docs.google.com/document/d/15fkpeGR8QHEr-iPjhG6PO9TDB6Zt5l_c/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=111806402605198993336&rtpof=true&sd=true)[We The People Election Integrity Priorities](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZtFZAxfo22AU2rLSbkcrbDNp7Lg2ecOn/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=111806402605198993336&rtpof=true&sd=true)**

**Fight Voter Fraud**chris@fightvoterfraud.org**[Everything HomesCurated interviews, resources, tools, merchandise](https://everythinghometalkshow.com/)**

**Voter Roll Clean-up Training**Christiana.keeler@protonmail.com

**New Jersey Election Integrity**https://wtnjelections.org/

**Todd Buffington [https://rumble.com/v11y9h0-floridas-election-results-were-also-compromised.html](https://rumble.com/v11y9h0-floridas-election-results-were-also-compromised.html)**

What is it?
Create working relationships with your Sheriff so you can share knowledge with them, advocate for lawful conduct regarding the ballot counting process as well as solicit their participation in enforcing your state’s election laws.

What is it?
Creating viable relationships with as many of the election officers in your county as well as your county Party groups is necessary.

Useful links

**Dan Schultz – PC Strategy: [If you are not yet a voting member of your local Republican committee, go to PrecinctStrategy.com to start learning and watch my podcasts on Rumble.com. Search: precinct strategy schultz, sort by Most Recent](http://precinctstrategy.com/)**

**Precinct Strategy Weekly Call with Steve Stern and Michelle Swinick** – call Steve Stern at  954-562-5225 for access sstern1054@aol.comwww.savemyfreedom.us Text ACTION to 91776

**How to effectively work with Elected Officials** from Washington to your local state and county with Ivan Raiklin 

What is it?
Identify counties in your state most likely to revoke the use of machines and utilize the process outlined here  to begin the revocation process

Useful links

**Albert Sensors**


**Todd Bufington**

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What is it?
Review your state’s election process procedures (Election Code / Statutes), identify gaps, and advocate for necessary legislation change.

Useful links

**Write Your Laws** Where you can: write, comment, share, submit, advocate, lobby, and track, the legislation YOU consent to be governed by!


Refer to this draft by Diane Warner**[https://writeyourlaws.com/the-florida-election-integrity-bill-of-2023-by-diane-warner-greg-penglis](https://writeyourlaws.com/the-florida-election-integrity-bill-of-2023-by-diane-warner-greg-penglis)**

**Cleta Mitchell**Election Integrity Network

On-demand video training**[https://whoscounting.us/masterclass/](https://whoscounting.us/masterclass/)**Check if there is a team in your area:**[https://whoscounting.us/contact/](https://whoscounting.us/contact/)**

**Captain Seth Kehsel**Four The CoreContact Seth at fourcore@proton.me**[https://fourforthecore.com/](https://fourforthecore.com/)**

**Tim Meisburger**tim@americaproject.com**[National Conference for Election Reform](https://docs.google.com/document/d/15fkpeGR8QHEr-iPjhG6PO9TDB6Zt5l_c/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=111806402605198993336&rtpof=true&sd=true)[We The People Election Integrity Priorities](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZtFZAxfo22AU2rLSbkcrbDNp7Lg2ecOn/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=111806402605198993336&rtpof=true&sd=true)**

**Raj Doraisamy**Defend Our Union

On demand training + skilled teams + assignments**[https://www.jotform.com/build/223567970103052](https://www.jotform.com/build/223567970103052)[8 Ways to Protect Your Next Election Book](https://mahu.samcart.com/products/8-ways-to-secure-your-next-election)**


What is it?
Once you have understood your state’s existing election code, work with your state executive branch to prioritize the enforcement of existing election procedure laws

What is it?
All the above will likely require strategic public pressure on specific individuals who are breaking the laws of your state or who are intentionally blockading the wishes of your state’s residents. Apply this pressure by identifying and working with your friendly local radio stations, podcasters, vloggers, bloggers, and influencers. After you have achieved a beachhead in your local area with Local Media, work with national influencers to magnify your pressure campaign

Useful links

Steve Stern**[The Flag Shirt](http://theflagshirt.com/)**

**Action Radio**A fully interactive system of listeners, expert guests, social media, writing bills, legislator input, bill submission, lobbying, and citizen action.


What is it?
Provide training and new findings to grassroots volunteers and train on how to create allies with as many of the 3000+ existing precinct groups is necessary.  Join these groups and earn sufficient support to establish alliances. Specifically train group leaders on how to persuade, resolve conflict and scale their group’s influence. incentivize leaders to coordinate with others to minimize duplication and increase coverage


What is it?
Train candidates to win. Train volunteers on how to adopt and collaborate with candidates.
Who is doing it?

Anthony Sabatini

Ro Grosman

Useful links

**We do not endorse nor do we fundraise.  Please learn about these leaders:**

**Tina Peters – running for GOP Chair AZ**Twitter Truth and Telegram @realTinaPeters.com Send the movie https://selectioncode.com**[TinaPetersForColorado.com](http://tinapetersforcolorado.com/)**

**Caroline Calarusso** -**[running for Congress](https://youtu.be/qIP-FkqJxVk)**